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Our people are not only awesome in their area of work, they make an excellent team who cares, respects and trusts one another. A peek into the key roles in the organization:

Sales and Merchandising

You are the face of the company, impressing our customers with your smile, wit, resourcefulness and charm. This winning attitude and the ability to delight customers quickly will make you a key member of this team. You are the reason why customers keep coming back.


There is never a dull moment on the production floor. You are always quick to find an innovative solution for customers. Exercise your supervisory skills on daily operations, let your high spirit inspire the line workers for an efficient and quality delivery.

People Development

You are the heart of the company. You have a huge task to understand your fellow colleagues and keep them engaged, and motivate them to perform at their best through a good balance of equitable compensation package, benefits, training and career path planning.