A forward-looking textile manufacturing
facility that focuses on innovation & sustainability

The Revolutionary Digital Knitting Technology

Digital knitting technology is the next generation of computerized knitting methodology.

Computer knitting system digitizes images into fabric designs in minutes!

The flexibility of system allows product customization to be aligned with the values of Industry 4.0.
The designs produced through digital knitting transferred to garments.
Digital Knitting Technology: Limitless Design Capabilities
Portrait & Nature

Dynamic Heather

Our world-class textile manufacturing facility utilises the latest technology, starting from the state-of-the-art knitting factory and dyeing mill, complete with its own in-house water treatment plant (featuring Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Technology). Together with our commitment to the Green Building Index and the use of energy-efficient technology, our facility promises to exceed international compliance requirements, as well as sustainability standards. This is in line with our goal of becoming a major global leader in the textile manufacturing industry, and a responsible global corporate citizen.